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White Lotus Home is a leading eco-friendly bedding company that is dedicated to producing handmade natural home products that are safe for the environment and human health. Founded in 1981, While Lotus Home is based out of Highland Park, New Jersey where artisans handcraft bedding products using only the finest organic textiles and raw materials available in America. White Lotus Home is also committed to helping educate consumers about the benefits of natural and organic bedding for healthier non-toxic home. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries the White Lotus Home bedding collection of mattresses, pillows, sheets and much more.

Hand Crafted White Lotus Home Mattresses

What truly sets White Lotus Home apart from other companies is the attention to detail in every bedding product. For example, the unique techniques needed to manufacture a White Louts Home mattress is a meticulous process that involves the gradual layering of organic wool, latex, and cotton sheets individually. After the layers are encased, artisans take a 6-inch needle and hand stich each seam to ensure that the layers stay in place. Each surface layer of a natural White Lotus Home mattress is hand tufted to provide the user a comfortable foundation of firmness needed for healthy sleep. Artisans take about 6 years to learn this unique manufacturing technique, and they only use the most natural organic materials available in the US.

The handcrafted techniques developed by White Lotus Home mattresses deliver the following benefits to customers:

  •          Optimal layers of natural cotton, wool, and latex for added comfort

  •          Non-toxic sleeping surface free of flame retardants and dyes

  •          A naturally absorbent sleeping surface

  •          Handcrafted quality made to last

  •          Made in the USA

Natural Healthy Bedroom carries White Lotus Home pillows, crib mattresses, and sheets made from the finest organic fibers to help you design the healthiest sleeping environment for you and your family.

White Lotus Home & the Environment

The bedding products developed and manufactured by White Lotus Home are not only high quality, but also minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment. Unlike traditional mattresses that use toxic bonding agents and other chemicals in the manufacturing process, White Lotus Home is able to eliminate these toxic substances by hand making each product from start to finish.  White Lotus Home is certified by Green America for meeting high standards for social and environmental responsibly, and the Organic Trade Association for encouraging and protecting organic farming practices in the US. 

White Lotus Home Bedding from Natural Healthy Bedroom

Browse and shop the handcrafted White Lotus Home bedding collection made from the finest organic materials sources in the US. Natural Healthy Bedroom chooses each individual product to ensure that you receive the natural and non-toxic bedding products for your home. To receive updates on the latest handmade White Lotus Home Bedding and valuable offers, sign up for our newsletter. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 year of experience sourcing the best natural home products available. If you have any questions about the White Lotus Home collection or any other product on our site, email us at or call us at 800-932-7715.

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