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Savvy Rest is an all-natural bedding company that was founded on the belief that consumers should have access to mattresses and bedding that is comfortable, nontoxic, versatile and reliable. Michael Penny, the founder of Savvy Rest, started the company in 2003 after working at a futon company which used chemically processed fabrics over cheap and synthetic paddings that failed to deliver adequate support for healthy sleep. Today, Savvy Rest is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative mattresses made from organic cottons, latex, wool and other natural fibers that feature interchangeable components and deliver full support for various ages, physical issues, and sleep problems. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries Savvy Rest sheets, pillows, and other bedding products to help you create a sleeping environment that supports human health.

The Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom

Savvy Rest was built on the foundation that bedding products should deliver personalized comfort at the various stages of sleep. Every Savvy Rest product starts with all natural fillers such as natural latex, organic wool, or cotton that is molded and encased in non-toxic textiles to help you breathe easier at night. Products such as Savvy Rest pillows are available in all natural latex core materials that are derived from rubber trees. Natural latex offers full neck and shoulder support through the night, and has been proven in research studies to be the best material for pillows at reducing:

  •          Sleep disturbances

  •          Waking headaches

  •          Shoulder pain

  •          Arm Pain

 Latex pillows made by Savvy Rest are just one prime example of why sleeping on natural bedding products is better for your health. Other naturally derived materials such as the organic cotton in Savvy Rest sheets deliver a breathable layer of comfort that is free of pesticides, herbicides and finishing chemicals that are toxic to human health. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries Savvy Rest organic pillows, sheet sets, and other bedding bundles to help you sleep better at night.

 Savvy Rest & the Environment

Natural Bedroom products made by Savvy Rest are made following strict organic textile manufacturing standards to protect the environment. Savvy Rest facilities offset 100% of the annual energy consumption from stores and manufacturing plants as part of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. Savvy Rest facilities also contribute clean wind energy to the power grid, and have helped offset 57 tons of CO2 emissions from polluting the atmosphere. As a partner of American Forests, Savvy Rest also helps restore sensitive forest ecosystems globally.

Savvy Rest from Natural Healthy Bedroom

Natural Healthy Bedroom carries Savvy Rest organic sheets, pillows and much more. We have over 20 years of experience sourcing the most natural alternative home products that support human health and protect the environment. To receive the latest information about Savvy Rest natural bedroom products and savings offers, sign up for our newsletter. If you have any question about Savvy Rest or any other product on our site, email us at or give our friendly natural bedding experts a call at 800-932-7715.

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