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Selecting the ideal pillow can make the difference between restful sleep and tossing and turning at night. Determining which pillow is right for your sleeping position and sleeping habits can pose various challenges. However, selecting based on the filler type can help you narrow down which pillows offers added benefits and which are plain impra...

  • Organic Cotton Pillows
    Organic Cotton Pillows

    Waking up with neck stiffness and fatigue may be a sign that your bedding is not providing the support your body needs. That is why creating an ideal sleep environment you should take into account body stress points that are essential to energizing rest. You can start crafting the ideal healthy sleep environment for your body by choosing pillows that are made from non-toxic textiles and fillers. Unlike conventional synthetic options, organic cotton pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom are made with the natural and sustainable fibers and fillers that offer support and comfort throughout sleeping cycles.

    Why Sleep on Organic Cotton Filled Pillows?

    Tossing and turning thought sleep cycles has a significant impact on the quality of sleep your body receives. These sleep interruptions are measured and classified by the initial time that an interruption occurs, and the time it takes your body to fall back asleep. What’s significant about tossing and turning at night is that it can reduce the total time you sleep by up to 1 minute for every disruption.

    Choosing organic pillows over synthetic may help reduce sleep disturbances like tossing and turning by providing a cool to the touch surface throughout your sleep cycles. Unlike polyester and chemically engineered fillers, organic cotton fillings are breathable and allow air to circulate around the head to prevent the body from overheating at night. Natural Healthy Bedroom organic cotton pillow casings are also machine washable to help remove the accumulation of face oils, dead skin cells, allergens, and dust. The organic cotton used in our collection of pillows is never treated with chemicals, dyes, or textile finishes to prevent skin allergic reactions and irritation.

    You can order your sustainable cotton pillows in sizes ranging from toddler, standard, queen and king.

    How We Vet Our Products

    Natural Healthy Bedroom cares about the health of our customers and the environment. That’s why our collection of organic cotton filled pillows are made without pesticides and other toxic chemicals that can contaminate natural resources. Our standard for quality and safety ensures that the bedding products you purchase on our site are made in a U.S. based chlorine-free facility.

    Order Your Organic Cotton Pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you create the ideal sleeping environment for quality rest. Shop our collection of natural cotton filled pillows with confidence, we have over 20 years of experience providing families with organic and sustainable home products. If you have any question about our collection of organic pillows, contact our customer service by email or by phone at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Wool Pillows
    Organic Wool Pillows

    Organic wool pillows help wick excess moisture for all night sleeping comfort even during the warmest months of the year. Organic wool is sourced directly from sheep that are raised ethically, following strict federal guidelines for organic livestock production. Unlike conventional pillows, natural wool pillows are made without harmful textile chemicals that can seep into sensitive skin during sleep. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries a wide range of wool pillows that come in standard, queen, and king sizes to help you create the best sleeping environment in your home.

    Why Sleep on Organic Wool Pillows vs. Conventional Wool Pillows?

    The Naturally Healthy Bedroom collection of natural wool pillows follows strict guidelines to prevent toxic textile processing chemicals from penetrating the skin. During the production of conventional pillows, the wool undergoes a lengthy textile chemical process that strips the fibers from their natural properties.

    This combination of chemicals not only strips the wool from its natural properties, but these agents are difficult to remove in laundry. Another problematic aspect of conventional wool pillows is that sheep are often subject to unethical and toxic raising methods. In a process called sheep dipping, livestock are sprayed or passed through a bath filled with insecticides to prevent sheep from becoming infected with parasites. However, this treatment is not always effective, and it exposes the health of live animals and farmers to harmful fumes. 

    The wool used in our pillow collection follows strict organic livestock production standards. The guidelines for organic livestock production indicate that synthetic insecticides cannot be used in raising sheep to prevent the hazardous compounds from contaminating the textiles. Once the wool is removed from the sheep, textile-manufacturing methods must follow similar standards and cannot use toxic chemicals to treat, dye, or modify wool fibers. The result of this wool processing allows pillows to retain their sustainable properties such as:

    • Insulating temperature
    • Naturally absorbing excess sweat
    • Wicking excess moisture
    • Preventing combustion

    Organic Pillows and the Environment

    Natural Healthy Bedroom values the health of our customers and the environment. We carefully choose our collection of healthy wool pillows to prevent toxic chemicals, BPA, and chlorine from entering your home and the environment. Making the switch to organic wool-based bedding can help reduce the contamination of soil and groundwater systems caused by pesticides, textiles manufacturing chemicals and other synthetic compounds. 

    Order Your Organic Wool Pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Browse and shop from our great selection of natural wool pillows for your natural bedroom. We have over 20 years of experience sourcing and selling the best natural product alternatives for a healthier home. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and savings offers on our latest organic and natural bedding products. If you have any questions about making the switch to natural wool pillows, please email us at or speak to a customer service representative now by giving us a call at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Kapok Pillows
    Organic Kapok Pillows

    Kapok is a natural alternative filler that is soft and comfortable for healthy and restful sleep. Harvested from the kapok tree, the cotton-like consistency of this alternative filler contours around the head and bounces back to its original shape. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries kapok pillows from trusted bands in sizes ranging from standard, queen, and king to help you create the healthiest sleep environment in your home.

    Why Sleep on Organic Kapok Pillows?

    Pillows made from organic kapok are a healthy alternative to fillings such as cotton and synthetic materials because of their added neck support during sleep. Harvested from the kapok tree, this filler material grows in cocoon-like pods that contain rich fibers and seeds. Once removed from the natural encasement, kapok is naturally processed to remove the seeds and additional plant material. The result of this natural harvesting process results in lightweight fibers that are 8-times lighter than cotton, and conform to the body’s natural contours when used in pillows and other natural bedding products. When you purchase natural kapok pillows, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

    • Water Resistant: Organic kapok that is untreated with chemicals has a waxy coating around each individual fiber that helps repeal sweat and moisture from penetrating the pillow. This natural property of organic kapok will ensure that you remain dry through the hottest months of the year.
    • Support: Organic kapok has bouncy consistency that conforms to natural contours of the head, neck, and spine. The natural kapok fiber can be packed in firmly, giving you the option to choose from various firmness levels such as soft, medium, or firm.
    • Hypoallergenic: Untreated organic kapok used in our collection of pillows is naturally hypoallergenic to prevent skin reactions and abrasions.

    All pillows offered by Natural Healthy Bedroom are carefully selected to ensure that our customers receive some of the safest products available. The textiles and materials used in our products are made without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and other fabric processing chemicals. When you purchase sustainable pillows from our store, you can rest peacefully knowing that you’ll be sleeping on pillows that are made in the USA, BPA-free, chlorine-free, and meet the highest criteria set by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

    Kapok Pillows and the Environment

    Bedding fillers such as organic kapok is a biodegradable, and sustainable alternative to synthetic and conventional fillers. The impact of conventional cotton and wool that is treated with pesticides and herbicides is that it is hazardous to the environment. When you purchase an organic kapok pillow, you are helping minimize the impact of toxic chemicals from harming natural water sources, wildlife, and human health.

    Order Your Kapok Pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let natural healthy bedroom help you create the healthiest sleep environment in your home with our collection of natural kapok pillows. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 years of providing families with the healthiest and environmentally conscious home products. To learn more about our healthy bedding products and to receive offers directly from us, sign up for our newsletter. If you have any questions about our natural home bedding products, email us at sales@dolphinblue.comor speak with a customer service representative by calling us at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Buckwheat Pillows
    Organic Buckwheat Pillows

    Pillows made from organic buckwheat offer a great alternative to fillers such as cotton, latex, and wool. Buckwheat hulls used as filler in pillows are malleable, and conform to the natural contours of the body for all night comfort. The Natural Healthy Bedroom collection of organic buckwheat pillows come incased in soft and comfortable organic twill, and are available in standard, queen, and kingsizes to help you have the most comfortable and sustainable sleeping environment.

    Why Sleep on a Natural Buckwheat Pillow?

    Harvesting buckwheat organically without the use of fertilizers and pesticides allows crops to grow dense and lush. As a nutrient, organic buckwheat hulls are high in fiber and offer various health benefits. As a filler, organic buckwheat offers a comfortable alternative to synthetic fillers that are stiff and can trap in body heat. When you purchase a buckwheat pillow encased in organic twill from Natural Healthy Bedroom, you can expect to receive the following benefits while you sleep:

    • Cooling: Organic buckwheat hulls allow air to circulate through the pillowcase, helping reduce heat caused by the body and the environment. The moldable organic buckwheat hulls can be moved around in the pillow casing, giving you the freedom to adjust the internal temperature of the filler.
    • Comfort: Buckwheat hulls conform to the exact contours around the head, neck, and spine, giving you support thought the night. Depending on the size of your pillow, you can use the shape filling to support the legs and any other sleeping position. 

    Natural Healthy Bedroom only selects the best organic buckwheat pillows based on strict standards for manufacturing. When purchasing your healthy pillow, you can rest assured that your product is non-toxic, BPA-free and chlorine-free for all night comfort. Our strict standards for quality offer your family comfortable and soft bedding, without the risk of harmful chemicals seeping into your skin and breathing passages.

    Organic Pillows and the Environment

    Harvesting buckwheat organically is a sustainable alternative to toxic farming methods. By choosing to make the switch to organic products such as buckwheat hull pillows, you are helping protect the environment from toxic pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical agents that can contaminate natural bodies of water, harm human health and sensitive ecosystems. Our collection of healthy and sustainable buckwheat pillows is made in the U.S., and meet the highest standards for manufacturing set by the Global Organic Textile Standards.

    Order Your Organic Buckwheat Pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Order your sustainable pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom today, and experience the comfortable alternative to synthetic pillows. We have over 20 years of experience sourcing and bringing the best natural products into our customers’ homes. We carefully vet each product to ensure that our bedding collection supports both your personal health and the environment. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest offers on our collection of organic pillows and other organic bedding on out site. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to email us at sales@dolphinblue.comor speak with a customer service representative by giving us a call at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Latex Pillows
    Organic Latex Pillows

    Sleeping on natural latex delivers a pressure responsive surface that keeps your head cool at night. Unlike conventional pillows that contain synthetic toxic fillers, pillows made out of organic latex feature a breathable core that molds and supports the neck and head for restful sleep. Natural Healthy Bedroom can help you achieve the best night’s sleep with comfortable latex pillows made from sustainable textiles that protect your health and the environment.

    Why Buy Organic Latex Pillows for Your Bedroom?

    Natural latex is derived from Hevea brasiliensis, also known as a rubber tree. Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees manually by cutting an angular incision on the bark of the tree that allows a milky white sap to drip into containers. After collecting the latex, it is then conditioned using non-toxic treatments to create a latex foam that has a natural responsive core that springs as you apply pressure. Organic latex pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom are cool to the touch, and the texture allows air to circulate around the head and neck for all night comfort.

    In contrast, conventional synthetic latex materials use toxic petrochemicals that attempt to mimic the properties of natural latex. Pillows made of synthetic latex however, are less springy and often lock in heat and moisture that can lead to common sleep disturbances. Choosing to switch to sustainable latex pillows will help protect you from breathing harmful fumes and coming into contact with synthetic substances that can irritate skin.

    How We Vet Our Organic Products

    Natural Healthy Bedroom is committed to protecting the health of our customers and the environment. Our entire selection of latex pillows for sale are BPA-free, petrochemical free, and are manufactured in chlorine free facility to ensure consumer health safety. All of the pillows offered at Natural Healthy Bedroom are made in the USA, and follow strict manufacturing criteria to protect our customers and our planet.

    Order Your Organic Latex Pillows from Natural Healthy Bedroom Today

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you rest peacefully on the best pillows for your bedroom. With over 20 years of experience in providing customers with natural and sustainable products, our selection of pillows will help craft the ideal bedroom that is inviting and free of toxic substances. Shop our selection of comfortable pillows today, and feel free to contact our customer representatives with any questions by phone at800-932-7715 or you can email us at

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