Organic Crib Sheets 

Organic Crib Sheets

During the initial years of your baby’s development, the nursery becomes the center for sleeping, playing, and laughter. If you are currently designing and planning the ideal nursery, incorporating bedding made out of natural textiles can help your baby stay asleep through daytime and nighttime sleeping sessions. Made out rich organic cotton, Na...

  • Organic Fitted Crib Sheets
    Organic Fitted Crib...

    Creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment is essential to helping your baby develop healthy sleeping patterns. One of the dangers to sleeping babies is having a crib full of plush toys and other cushions that can cause accidental suffocation. However, hidden dangers such as bedding made with chemically treated textiles can pose an even greater health risk to your baby. The best way to create a safe and healthy sleeping environment for your child is by using an organic fitted crib sheet that allows air to circulate around the crib to prevent overheating. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries a collection of fitted crib sheets that are made out organic cottons and natural fibers that are breathable and wick away excess body moisture.

    Why Choose an Organic Fitted Crib Sheet for Your Baby?

    Organic fitted crib sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom help your baby sleep by providing a safe and breathable layer of comfort. Before you think of purchasing conventional bedding, there are several hidden dangers of textile manufacturing chemicals to consider that can pose several health hazards and serious long-term effects in infants. Traditional crib sheets not only use pesticide-contaminated cotton, but are also treated with an array of textile treatment chemicals in the manufacturing process.

    An effective way to ensure that your baby is not exposed to these toxic chemicals is by purchasing bedding such as a fitted crib sheet set made from untreated organic cotton. Crib sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom are never treated with toxic substances, and they can help your baby develop healthy sleeping patterns by providing a soft, yet durable surface for day and nighttime sleeping. The natural properties of natural fitted crib sheets also deliver:

    •       Cool to the touch sleeping surface
    •       Breathable fibers that help circulate air
    •       Moisture wicking properties to prevent wetness
    •       A non-irritating sleeping surface 

    Organic Fitted Crib Sheets and the Environment

    Natural healthy Bedroom is committed to protecting the health of our customers and the planet. The effects of textile chemicals not only have an impact on our human health, but the environment as well. The combination of chlorinated solvents, chlorobenzenes,azo dyes, and formaldehyde can contaminate ground water systems, and are often difficult to remove from drinking water sources. Making the switch to sustainable bedding such as organic fitted sheets for your baby’s crib can help reduce the impact these chemical have on the planet.

    Order Your Organic Fitted Crib Sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom Today

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you create a safe and non-toxic sleeping environment for your baby with organic fitted crib sheets. We have over 20 years of experience bringing families the best natural home products. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and offers on our entire collection of bedding. If you have any questions about our crib sheets or any other product our site, please email us at or speak to a customer service representative now by calling 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Flat Crib Sheets
    Organic Flat Crib Sheets

    Planning a nursery that is safe, yet playful for your baby can pose several challenges. You may have already planned childproofing the nursery by removing padding and other unnecessary toys that can cause accidental suffocation. However, bedding is sometimes overlooked by many parents as a serious potential hazard because the health dangers are invisible. Even with regulations in place, conventional bedding such as crib sheets and other textiles made from non-organic cottons and synthetic fibers carry are an array of chemicals known to cause serious health effects. Choosing organic crib sheets and other bedding made from natural cotton can help minimize the risk for exposure to harmful chemicals found in conventional baby bedding. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries crib sheets made from organic cotton and other natural fibers that are comfortable and soft for your baby’s sensitive skin.

    Why Choose Organic Flat Crib Sheets vs. Conventional Crib Sheets?

    The most important part of your baby’s nursery is the crib since newborns can sleep as much as 18 hours in a single day. During these long sleeping sessions, your baby’s skin comes into contact repeatedly with the crib mattress, sheets, and other fabrics. Purchasing natural crib sheets made out of organic fibers can help prevent dermal and oral exposure to a toxic mix of chemicals found in conventional baby bedding products. While playful patterns and colors in baby sheets and bedding designs may seem like a great idea to add personality to a nursery, hidden chemicals can cause serious health effects.

    Protecting your baby from these farming and textile chemicals is possible by choosing organic crib sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom. We carefully select our entire collection of bedding based on the natural organic fibers that exclude the use of harmful chemicals. When you make the switch to natural cotton, you will notice an immediate difference in softness that is gentle on delicate baby skin. Choosing organic flat crib sheets for your baby also delivers:

    •       A breathable and cools sleeping surface for extended 18-hour use
    •       Fibers that are soft to the touch and won’t cause rashes or skin reactions
    •       Non-toxic sleeping surface for healthy development

    Natural Crib Sheets and the Environment

    Natural Healthy Bedroom cares about the health of people and the environment. We carefully choose products to prevent human and environmental exposure to pesticides, chlorine, BPA and other harmful chemicals. Making the switch to organic fibers like cotton reduces strain on water resources and eco-systems that are affected by textile production. 

    Order Your Organic Flat Crib Sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you create the safest sleep environment for your baby with crib sheets made from organic cottons and fibers. We have over 20 years of experience bringing customer the best natural alternative products for the home. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information about out natural bedding and special offers. If you have any questions about our collection of crib sheets, email us at sales@dolphinblue.comor speak with a customer service representative now by calling 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Baby Bedding & Sheet Sets
    Organic Baby Bedding &...

    Your baby spends a considerable amount of time sleeping as it develops cognitive and motor skills. For healthy sleep, it is important to take into account the safety and comfort of your child’s crib to minimize the disruption of your child’s sleeping patterns. Most importantly choosing an organic baby bedding set from Natural Healthy Bedroom can help prevent your baby from being exposed to toxic chemicals and dyes found in conventional bedding.

    Why Use Organic Bedding Crib Sets vs. Conventional Bedding?

    The recommended safe sleeping environment for infants is a crib fitted with an organic sheet set. While you may be tempted to add baby comforters and plush toys to your child’s crib, these items actually pose a significant suffocation hazard as your baby sleeps. The best way to allow your baby to rest without these risks is by dressing the mattress crib with a flat and fitted sheet set that creates a breathable and flat sleeping surface. Another significant hazard that may not seem apparent are the textile materials found in non-organic bedding. Conventional sheets and other bedding made from synthetic fiber blends are harvested and treated with toxic chemicals. In the cultivation process, non-organic cotton used in baby sheets are sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers that damage the fibers, and are difficult to remove during the manufacturing process and in laundry. An additional hazard of using conventional sheets and bedding is that they often contain an array of dyes, chemical softening treatments, and flame-retardants. The combination of these toxic chemicals pose a significant ant risk to babies as they often chew or suck on bedding materials that can negative effects on the child’s digestive system, and trigger stomach aches, vomiting, and, even difficulty breathing.

    Using organic baby bedding crib sets can help you create an ideal sleeping environment that is non-toxic and safe for your baby. Natural Healthy Bedroom’s collection of organic toddler bedding sets are selected using rigorous standards that ensures that your baby sleeps on some of the softest non-toxic sheets available. The untreated cotton used in our organic nursery bedding sets is naturally hypoallergenic, and is never dyed or treated with textile chemical treatments in order to prevent skin irritation, allergic reactions, and oral exposure. The natural properties of organic cotton are gentle on the skin, and provide a breathable layer of comfort that can help prevent your baby’s body from overheating during sleep.

    How We Vet Our Complete Sheet Sets

    Natural Healthy Bedroom is committed to bringing families bedding products that are safe for your baby’s health and the environment. Our selection of organic baby bedding sets are made with sustainable sources of organic cotton and are manufactured in the USA. We carefully choose each bedding product to ensure that that it is BPA-free, and made without dyes or toxic chemicals to prevent harmful environmental exposure. 

    Order Your Organic Crib Bedding Sets from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. We have over 20 years of experience bringing families safe, environmentally friendly, and organic home products. If you have any questions about our collection of organic toddler sheet sets, email our customer service representatives at sales@dolphinblue.comor call us at 800-932-7715.

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