Organic Bedding 

Creating an ideal sleeping environment involves taking careful consideration of lighting, noise, temperature, and most importantly, bedding. These elements must be controlled for an environment that promotes healthy quality sleep throughout the night without disturbances that can lead to daytime fatigue. Choosing to sleep with organic bedding in...

  • Organic Sheets
    Organic Sheets

    Sleeping with organic sheets offers added health benefits over conventional bedding products. The organic bed sheets offered by Natural Healthy Bedroom are made with sustainable cottons that are safe for users with sensitive skin and other health conditions. Conventional bedding is often made with synthetic blend textiles, and commonly use harsh pesticides and chemicals throughout their manufacturing process. Our quality selection of USDA certified organic linens are machine washable and are manufactured using the safest standards to offer you the healthiest night’s sleep. Natural Healthy Bedroom offers the best sheets available to bring you an additional level of comfort and health for your good night’s rest.

    Why Sleep with Natural Sheets?

    Using true organic sheets ensures that you receive the healthiest night’s rest by eliminating chemicals and dyes found in other conventional bedding. For example, formaldehyde is often used in sheets as a permanent-press finish to keep them wrinkle free. However, this textile treatment leaves a harmful toxic resin well after the user washes the sheet set. Toxic formaldehyde poses a health hazard, especially in sensitive users, and has been linked to headaches, skin reactions, respiratory problems, fatigue, and insomnia. The sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom are made with organic cotton that is harvested from GMO-free seeds that eliminate the need for toxic fungicides and toxic finishes. The result of this growing and manufacturing process leaves cotton fibers undamaged, and provides a soft and plush finish to the healthy and sustainable sheets that keep your body cool and dry during sleep.

    Eco-Friendly Sheets for Your Home & The Planet

    Organic sheets are made using sustainable manufacturing methods to protect the earth. Natural Healthy Bedroom maintains high standards before adding any inventory to our store to ensure that our customers receive truly organic products. All of our sheets are made in the USA, and processed in a chlorine-free facility to prevent pollution. Our goal is to help you sleep peacefully, enveloped in the softest and cleanest organic sheets in your home that are safe for your health and the environment.

    Order Your Organic Linen Sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom Today

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom provide all of your sheets and other bedding for your home. We have a wide selection of sustainable mattresses, sheets, pillows, baby-safe bedding, and more for the whole family. Place your order online today or if you have any unanswered questions you can talk with one of our expert customer service representatives by calling us at 800-932-7715 or emailing

  • Duvets

    Organic Duvets

    Sleeping on a comforter made from organic cotton is a great alternative to synthetic filled bedding options. The crisp feeling of organic linens offer a breathable layer of comfort that can be used during the hot or cold months of the year. Natural Healthy Bedroom carefully selects natural duvets based on the materials used by the manufacturer to ensure that you receive the best bedding alternatives that are free of BPA, dyes, and chlorine to help you create a healthy sleeping environment for your home. We carry a wide selection of natural duvets in sizes ranging from twin, to California king so that you can dress every bed in your home with the luxurious feel of organic cotton.

    Why Sleep on a Natural Comforter?

    Dressing your bed with organic cotton over synthetic fills is an ideal alternative for a healthier sleeping environment. Unlike synthetic fillers, sleeping on a sustainable duvet delivers a breathable layer of comfort that allows air to circulate around the body for all night comfort. The benefits of sleeping on organic cotton extend well beyond comfort. Unlike synthetic fills, sleeping on an organic linen duvet from Natural Healthy Bedroom delivers a nontoxic, pesticide free, perfume free, and dye free layer of comfort that minimizes the risk for allergic reactions to these compounds.

    Natural Linen Duvets & the Environment 

    The impact of synthetic materials such as polyester and chemically treated cotton is significant. Making the switch to all organic bedding can help minimize chemicals drifting into natural bodies of water and sanative ecosystems. Natural Healthy Bedroom carefully chooses each bedding product to ensure that your entire family receives the healthiest sleep possible, without the negative impact on the environment.

    Order Your Organic Duvets from Natural Healthy Bedroom Today

    Browse and shop our collection of organic cotton comforters for your home. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 years of experience of bringing families the best alternative home products for a healthier life. Our bedding products are carefully chosen so that you and your family can create the best environment for healthy and quality sleep. Learn more about our duvets and comforters while receiving valuable offers by signing up for our newsletter. If you have any questions about any of our bedding products, you can always email us at or give our friendly customer service a call at 800-932-7715.

  • Allergy Encasement
    Allergy Encasement

    Organic Mattress & Pillow Encasements

    Using an organic mattress or pillow encasement can help prevent the accumulation of dust mites, skin cells, sweat, and other allergens from building up deep in your mattress. Encasements from Natural Healthy Bedroom not only extend the life of your existing mattress, but they also deliver a layer of softness for restful quality sleep. Made from the finest organic cottons, our mattress encasements are available in twin sizes and up to California king. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries the best organic allergen free encasements from trusted brands that value human health, quality sleep, and sustainability.

    Why Use an Organic Encasement?

    The repeated use of your mattress can harvest an array of dust particles, dead skin cells, and other allergens. To make matters worse, the accumulation of sweat and saliva while you sleep can create a moisture rich environment for harmful dust mites, bacteria and fungi to develop over time. Another element that can also make the accumulation of dust mites is room temperature. Dust mites like an ideal temperature of around 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and they thrive on humidity levels around 70 to 80 percent. For some sensitive sleepers, dust mites can trigger minor to severe allergic symptoms such as:

    •          Sneezing,
    •          Runny or stuffy nose
    •          Red itchy or teary eyes
    •          Wheezing
    •          Coughing
    •          Tightness in chest
    •          Itchy Skin

     The benefits of using an organic mattress or pillow encasement include helping protect your bedding from dust mites and other allergen particles. Just like your sheets and pillowcases, you can simply toss your organic allergy free encasement in the wash with hot water every one to two weeks to prevent the accumulation of allergens, pet dander, and bed bugs from accumulating in your mattress. You can easily dress or remove the organic mattress encasement using the zipper that wraps around your mattress. Made from rich organic cottons, encasements from Natural healthy bedroom are soft to the touch, allow air to circulate around the body and naturally wicks away excess moisture while you sleep.

    Organic Cotton Mattress Encasements and the Environment

    Making the switch to organic cotton based products such asmattress encasements helps reduce the negative impacts on the environment. The production of conventional cotton and textile manufacturing can pollute the water and other sensitive eco systems. When you purchase organic cotton bedding, you can rest assured the organic cotton bedding is free of harmful pesticides, fabric dyes, and other chemicals.

    Order Your Organic Encasements from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Browse and shop our selection of organic encasements for your bedroom. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 years of experience bringing families the best natural home product alternatives for a healthier life. For more information about our organic encasements for your mattress or pillows, including valuable offers, sign up for the Natural Healthy Bedroom newsletter. If you have any questions about our natural organic bedding products, email us at or call 800-932-7715.

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