Organic Baby Bedding 

Organic Baby Bedding

Natural baby bedding products are manufactured using the highest quality textiles sourced from sustainable growers of cotton and wool. The soft touch of organic baby bedding allows air to circulate around the body to prevent overheating day and night. If you are unsure which bedding options are best for your newborn baby or toddler, let Natural ...

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    Protecting the health of your child from toxic compounds found in conventional mattresses is essential to creating the best sleeping environment for growth. There are several chemicals that are found in non-organic materials that pose a significant risk for skin reactions and even respiratory conditions in children. If you are planning on designing your nursery or a toddler bedroom, choosing a mattress made out of natural and organic textiles can help you create a sleep environment that supports the development of healthy sleep patterns. Natural Healthy Bedroom can help you create the ideal child bedroom with a baby cribor toddler mattress made from organic cottons, wools, and latex materials that deliver full body support and comfort during sleep.

    Organic Children’s Mattress vs. Synthetic Mattress

    Making the choice to purchase organic baby mattresses over conventional synthetic filled mattresses can help minimize the risk for serious health conditions. You may have already considered childproofing your home with door locking devices and other monitoring devices. But did you know that foams and fillers found in crib and toddler mattresses pose a greater danger to your child’s health? Research indicates that the foam padding found in conventional crib mattresses emits harmful fumes while your children sleep. Ordinary crib mattresses are often made with polyurethane and polyester foam padding that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) some of which are commonly found in household cleaners and scented sprays. Some of the most common VOCs found in common crib mattresses include:

    • Phenol Resin - A toxic chemical compound that is used to create foam materials. Phenol compounds can be transferred orally to the digestive tract or through skin contact, and are linked to cancer and delayed puberty
    • Neodecanoic Acid - A substance that is often used in special surface coatings and cements. When exposed to body heat, neodecanoic acid has the potential to emit fumes that are toxic when inhaled, and can cause severe skin reactions in children.
    • Linalool - A fragrance that is commonly found in cosmetics, shampoos, and cleaners. The problem with Linalool is that it can cause skin reactions in babies through repeated contact, and is linked an increased risk for developing skin conditions like eczema in some children.

    Research indicates that the combination of VOCs found in mattresses can emit harmful fumes similarly to other toxic consumer products such as laminate flooring and wall coverings. Making the choice to purchase your toddler’s mattress made from natural organic materials like cotton, wool, and latex can help reduce the risk of exposure to your child.

    An organic mattress from Natural Healthy Bedroom is made from some of the most sustainable and non-toxic fibers available. Our selection of organic cotton and wool mattresses are manufactured using pesticide-free fibers, and are never treated with textile compounds that can irritate the skin. Naturally derived latex in our organic infant mattress collection provides full body support, helping to prevent your baby’s body from overheating during sleep. Natural textiles like cotton, wool, and latex found in our crib and toddler mattresses provide the following benefits:

    •        Wicks away excess moisture during sleep
    •        Allows air to circulate around the body
    •        Provides a natural springy sleeping surface
    •        Wool fillers help prevent combustion
    •        Provides a non-toxic sleeping surface for healthy quality sleep 

    Organic Mattresses and the Environment

    Natural Healthy Bedroom values the health of your family and the environment. In addition to the potential hazards to your baby’s health, conventional baby mattresses can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and water systems. Chemicals in mattresses manufacturing are difficult to remove from natural resources, and can have devastating effects on ecosystems. When you purchase an organic baby crib mattress, you can rest assured that materials are BPA-free, chlorine-free, and free of VOC’s.

    Order Your Organic Baby Mattresses from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let us help you create the healthiest sleeping environment for your children with a mattress made from organic fibers and sustainable materials. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 years of experience bringing families alternative eco-friendly home products. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and offers on our collection of organic bedding. If you have any questions about making the switch to organic bedding, email us at or give us a call at 800-932-7715.

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  • Organic Crib Sheets
    Organic Crib Sheets

    During the initial years of your baby’s development, the nursery becomes the center for sleeping, playing, and laughter. If you are currently designing and planning the ideal nursery, incorporating bedding made out of natural textiles can help your baby stay asleep through daytime and nighttime sleeping sessions. Made out rich organic cotton, Natural Healthy Bedroom crib sheets provide your baby with a protective barrier of softness that is breathable and made from non-toxic textiles or finishes.

    Why Design Your Nursery with Organic Sheets vs. Conventional Sheets?

    Investing in a quality crib for your new baby is typically the first important decision made in designing the ideal nursery. However, your baby’s bedding should be considered carefully as delicate skin comes into contact with textile fabrics and finishes on the daily basis. Conventional sheets are often made with fabrics that are treated with special dyes for patterns, and chemical finishes that soften. The problem with such chemical treatments however is that they are difficult to remove from fibers through laundry, and the risk for exposure to your baby through sucking on sheets can present an array of health issues. Another problem with conventional bedding is that the layers of chemicals used in the manufacturing process can create a layer of toxic substances that lock in heat, which can trigger babies to wake in the middle of the night.

    In contrast, organic cotton kids sheets are made from naturally sourced fibers, and are never treated with toxic substances. Natural Healthy Bedroom’s selection of natural baby crib sheets can be fitted or dressed on mattresses, and provide a breathable layer of plush softness for all day and night comfort. Unlike conventional bedding, organic toddler sheets are never treated with dyes or chemicals that are toxic to skin.

    The Best Organic Crib Sheets for Your Child

    Natural Healthy Bedroom is committed to bringing families non-toxic sustainable home bedding products. Our wide selection of organic baby crib sheets is made in the U.S., and manufactured in a chlorine-free plant to minimize the impact on the environment and maximize the health of your child.

    Order Your Organic Crib Sheets from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you craft an organic baby nursery with bedding made out of organic cottons and other sustainable textiles. If you have any questions about our organic baby sheets, contact our customer service representatives by email at or by phone at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Toddler Duvets
    Organic Toddler Duvets

    Child growth is dependent on the development of healthy sleeping patterns. Training your child to sleep should involve introducing a bedtime routine and creating a healthy sleep environment that support the body’s circadian rhythm functions. If you are planning on designing a bedroom for your child, choosing a sustainable toddler duvet or comforter from Natural Healthy Bedroom can help you create a non-toxic and safe sleep setting for your child’s health. We carry some of the most natural bedding alternatives made from sustainable organic fibers and free of toxic substances to help support the health development of your children and the rest of your family.

    Why Sleep with an Organic Toddler Duvet?

    Making the switch to organic bedding is essential to your child’s overall health and wellbeing. There are several hidden dangers associated with conventional bedding that can cause serious harm to sensitive organs. Unlike our organic toddler comforter collection, dressing your child’s bed in conventional bedding exposes the body to toxic pesticides, textile-finishing agents, and fumes during sleep. The risk of exposure to these substances occurs through the skin, mouth, and lungs as these chemicals become unstable and synthetize into harmful toxins through repeated friction, body heat, and saliva. From the beginning of conventional bedding production, growing cotton involves spraying a toxic cocktail of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to help yield larger crops.

    Additionally, the bedding textile production that processes cotton and constructs conventional bedding uses a toxic combination of chemical agents to dye materials and create finishes. While you may be tempted to buy conventional duvets with colorful patterns or textures, chemicals like chlorinated solvents, azo dyes, and formaldehyde can seep into the lungs, skin, mouth and even the digestive system.

    Choosing an organic cotton or wool baby comforter can help reduce the risk of exposure to pesticides and textile finishing chemicals found in conventional bedding. Natural Healthy Bedroom selects products based on the fibers and production of bedding. Our toddler duvets deliver the safest sleep environment by excluding the use of pesticides and textile solvents. This unique process allows organic cotton and wool fibers to:

    • Keep the body cool during sleep
    • Wick excess sweat and moisture
    • Cotton remains soft and comfortable
    • Wool acts a natural fire retardant
    • Reduce the risk for skin irritations 
    • Reduce allergies and asthma  

    Natural Healthy Bedroom carries organic toddler duvet covers from only the most trusted manufacturers. We carefully choose each of our products to ensure that your family receives the most natural and healthy bedding without harmful pesticides and other textile finishing chemicals and dyes.

    Organic Baby Comforters and the Environment

    The use of pesticides, fertilizers, and textile finishing chemicals have a tremendous impact on human health and the environment. Toxic chemicals are introduced to sensitive eco-systems and groundwater systems in the manufacturing and laundry process. Natural Health Bedroom chooses the best alternative bedding products for families without BPA, chlorine, and dyes.

    Order Your Organic Toddler Duvets from Natural Healthy Bedroom

    Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you create the safest non-toxic sleep environment for your child’s growth. We have over 20 years of experience in bringing families the best and healthiest alternative home products. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information about our organic products and discount offers. If you have any questions about our products, email us at or speak to a customer service representative now by calling 800-932-7715.

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