• Organic Mattresses
    Organic Mattresses

    If you’re shopping for a new mattress, size and comfort are probably two of your top concerns. But what about health? We spend a third of our lives in bed, and the mattress we sleep on can have far-reaching effects on our wellbeing.

    Natural Healthy Bedroom offers some of the best organic mattresses on the market. We carefully vet all our mattresses to ensure they are truly sustainable and good for both people and the planet. We also offer a wide selection of products, with all mattresses available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King and heights ranging from 6-9”.

    Why Sleep on an Organic Mattress?

    Most mattresses are made with flame retardant chemicals which can pass to dust motes. Breathing in these chemicals over a long period of time has been linked to several serious health conditions, including obesity, cancer, and infertility. Many mattresses are also made with cotton or wool that has been exposed to pesticides which can be absorbed into the body or inhaled while sleeping.

    All of our mattresses are made without pesticides or flame retardant chemicals but still meet federal fire safety requirements. With an all-natural mattress, you and your loved ones can avoid unnecessary chemical exposure.

    You can also rest easy knowing that your mattress is eco-friendly. A mattress made with natural latex, organic cotton, untreated wool, or a combination of these materials will not pollute the environment with harmful chemicals.

    How We Vet Our Mattresses

    At Natural Healthy Bedroom, we’re committed to providing home products that promote a good night’s rest, free from harmful chemicals. Before we stock a mattress, we will verify that it is BPA-free and non-toxic.

    Our thorough vetting process allows us to bring the best natural mattresses available to you and your family. When you order a mattress from us, you’ll know exactly what it’s made from and how it was produced.

    Order Your Organic Mattress Today

    Bring a chemical-free, sustainable, and comfortable mattress into your bedroom today. Place your order online or if you have any unanswered questions you can emails us at or call us to speak with one of our Natural Healthy Bedroom customer service representatives at 800-932-7715.

  • Organic Mattress Toppers
    Organic Mattress Toppers

    Purchasing an organic mattress topper can extend the life of existing mattresses by adding extra layers of softness and body support. Made with 100% organic cotton, our toppers are placed directly on top of existing mattresses, and are easily secured using your favorite fitted sheets. Our mattress protectors are recommended for individuals with sensitive skin, and are especially recommended for children with allergies. Natural Healthy Bedroom has a wide selection of organic and sustainable mattress protectors that are manufactured using environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials that are free of toxic chemicals.

    Why Buy an Organic Mattress Topper?

    The organic materials used in mattress covers you can get from Natural Healthy Bedroom are harvested in rich soil that excludes harsh pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Unlike conventional cotton, organic harvests are not processed with chemicals or dyes during the manufacturing process. The results of this technique allows organic cotton to remain undamaged, leaving fibers soft and plush to the touch for added comfort during sleep. Mattress covers from Natural Healthy Bedroom are sustainable alternatives to other bedding that contains additional softener chemicals that can irritate skin.

    Sustainable Bedding for a Healthy Environment

    Receiving your mattress topper from Natural Healthy Bedroom helps protect nutrient rich soils from contaminating future crops. Traditional cotton uses a toxic cocktail of chemicals that seep deep into the soil and contaminate the earth’s air and water systems. Natural Healthy Bedroom’s organic mattress protectors are made in the USA, and go through a verification process to ensure the materials used manufacturing are BPA-free, non-toxic, and chlorine-free. This verification processes ensures that our customers receive the most natural products made for everyday healthy living.

    Order Your Natural Mattress Topper Today

    Get your organic mattress toppers from Natural Healthy Bedroom and feel the difference in comfort and softness. Place your order online today or if you have any unanswered questions you can email us at or call us to speak with one of our friendly Natural Healthy Bedroom customer service representatives at 800-932-7715 and receive help with finding the right bedding products for your home.

  • Organic Mattress Pads
    Organic Mattress Pads

    An organic mattress pad will add an extra level of softness and protection to new or existing mattresses. Made out of renewable organic cotton, the mattress pads available at our store offer a healthier alternative to conventional bedding made out of polyester and inorganic cottons that commonly contain harmful pesticides and dyes that can irritate the skin during sleep. Natural Healthy Bedroom offers the best organic mattress pads available that add a plush protective layer of comfort for your good night’s rest. 

    Why Buy an Organic Mattress Pad?

    Using a sustainable mattress pad prevents the accumulation and penetration of dust and other allergens from seeping deep into your mattress. Natural Healthy Bedroom’s mattress pads are machine washable, made out of organic cottons that are unbleached, and exclude the toxic chemicals that are found in other conventional bedding. Purchasing a mattress pad with natural fibers offers an added sleeping comfort by regulating uneven bed temperatures that can keep the body awake at night. Unlike conventional textiles, truly organic cotton fibers are breathable, which allow air to circulate evenly along the body to wick away excessive sweating. Mattress pads from Natural Healthy Bedroom come in a variety of options that add a layer of protection to your mattress against water damage, and are available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King.

    Sustainable Mattress Pads

    Every mattress pad available from Natural Healthy Bedroom undergoes a rigorous inspection process to protect the health our customers and the planet. Our great selection of all natural mattress pads are free of synthetic compounds like BPA, and are manufactured in a chlorine-free facility to prevent skin irritation and other allergic reactions for sensitive users. Purchasing a mattress pad also helps protect nutrient rich soil from pesticides and other chemicals that pollute the environment.

    Order Your Organic Mattress Pad from Natural Healthy Bedroom Today

    Extend the life of your mattress with organic mattress pads from Natural Healthy Bedroom today. We offer a curated selection of healthy mattress pads made in the USA for everyday living and a healthy night’s rest. Place your order online today or if you have any questions you can speak to one of our customer service representatives by emailing or calling 800-932-7715.

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