Organic Summer Bedding Ideas

Sleeping during the summer months can be an uncomfortable and frustrating ordeal for some individuals. The combination of high body heat, mixed with sweat, can create a humid sleeping environment that often leads to poor sleep. This is especially true when bedding materials are synthetically made since they can trap in body heat and sweat. There are however bedding options made for warm weather from Natural Healthy Bedroom that are made with natural organic fibers and will help you stay cool during the hottest months of the year.

Consider the following when purchasing your cool bedding for the summer:

Natural Fibers:
The best bedding for summer is made out of naturally derived fibers like organic cotton and wools. Choosing natural bedding products like sheets and covers can help you sleep better and more comfortably during hot summer nights by allowing the air to circulate through the fibers and around the body. While sweating at night is a normal body function, health conditions such as hormonal imbalances, obesity, and sleep apnea can increase the amount of sweat produced while you sleep. To combat excessive sweating, sheets made out of organic cotton are the best choice when it comes to battling the summer heat, as they help sweep off excess body sweat.

Weight and Thread Count:
Other factors to consider when choosing bedding for warm weather is the weight and thread count. The weight of bedding is impacted by the layers of materials that are used to construct the product. For the hot summer months, choosing minimal bedding like an organic cotton sheet set is an ideal choice because the materials are lightweight, and won’t cling onto the body like a quilt or duvet. Additionally, choosing an adequate thread count will help you maintain the coolest body temperature while sleeping on bedding for the summer months. Despite the general consensus and labeling by the bedding industry, high thread counts do not guarantee better quality, and these tightly threaded fibers can prevent the air from penetrating sheets and covers. The hard canvas feel and low porosity of high thread count sheets can trap in body heat and create a pool of sweat while you sleep. A great solution for sleeping in the heat, is to purchase organic bedding like natural cotton sheets with a thread count between 250 to 400.


Dyes and Temperature:
The coolest bedding for the hottest summer months are sheets and covers that are naturally white and undyed. An ideal alternative to synthetic chemicals and dyes is organic bedding that is untreated. Choosing bedding made out of natural unbleached cottons can help reflect light from windows that helps maintain room temperature low even during the hottest summer months.

Stay Cool this Summer with Organic Bedding
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