Natural Crib Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Considering buying a top rated organic crib mattress? Read this guide for tips on how to buy the best organic crib mattress for your baby.

Organic Baby Mattress

Creating a playful, yet healthy nursery for a baby can pose various challenges. Natural Healthy Bedroom wants to help you design the best nursery possible with the most natural and healthy bedding products that support your baby’s development. From raw materials, to certifications, we compiled some of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing the safest crib mattress for your baby.


One of the most important things to look for when searching for a natural crib mattress for your baby is the materials used in manufacturing, To ensure that you are purchasing the safest crib mattress for you child, check the label or website for organic cotton, organic wool, and natural latex. These three core organic materials are preferred by trusted natural mattresses manufacturers.

Organic Cotton: The soft and comfortable feel of cotton makes it an ideal choice for a crib mattress. Additionally, organic cotton fibers allow air to circulate around the body, making a superior choice of top rated organic crib mattress. However, the single most important reason why organic cotton is superior to conventional cotton is because growing and processing methods prohibit the use of pesticides, and processing chemicals that may pose a hazard to human health.

Organic Wool: The use of organic wool materials is recommended in crib mattresses because of safety benefits. In accordance with safety regulations, mattress manufacturers must use materials that are flame-resistant to prevent instant combustion in case of a house fire. Conventional mattress manufacturers typically spray textiles with flame-retardants to comply with these regulations. However, these chemicals can pose a potential health hazard to health. As a way to produce the safest crib mattresses possible, natural bedding manufacturers use organic wool because the fibers are naturally fire resistant and pass key safety regulations.

Natural Latex: The springy consistence of natural latex provides added body support during sleep. Derived naturally from rubber trees, this material conforms to the contours of the body, and bounces back to its original shape after use. When you are searching for a crib mattress for your baby, ensure that the latex is natural and that is not blended with other synthetic materials to prevent any potential health hazards.


The manufacturing process is another key aspect to analyze when searching for the best organic crib mattresses for your child. This step can be a little challenging since a lot of conventional mattress manufacturers often do not list materials, yet alone their manufacturing process. In order for organic mattresses to be labeled organic, they must not only source organic textiles for use in the mattress, but they must uphold standards set for manufacturing that prohibit the use of toxic adhesives, dyes, or flame retardants. For example, the White Lotus Home Dreamton Crib Mattress made from 100% organic cotton and wool is manufactured by hand to avoid the use of toxic adhesives and other chemicals in the production process. This extra level of detail and care for each individual product ensures that your baby is not exposed to added chemicals that can potentially cause health effects.


Another important thing to consider when searching for the safest crib mattress for your baby are certifications. Mattress companies sometimes label products as green or natural, but one of the most important labels on an organic crib mattress is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS certified crib mattresses such as the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Quilted Mattress meet strict guidelines for growing, processing, and the handling of organic materials like cotton, wool, and latex. This certification is key when looking for an organic baby mattress because companies must use the best manufacturing processes to protect the environment, human health, and most importantly the customer. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries some of the best GOTS certified organic crib mattresses from trusted manufacturers such as White Lotus Home, Naturepedic, and Savvy Rest.

The Best Organic Crib Mattresses from Natural Healthy Bedroom

Let Natural Healthy Bedroom help you design a natural baby nursery with GOTS certified organic crib mattresses from trusted brands. We have over 20 years of experience sourcing the best eco-friendly products for a healthier home and life. If you have any questions about purchasing organic crib mattresses for your baby, contact us or give us a call at 800-932-7715.