Do I Need an Organic Crib Mattress?

Get more information about why you should consider an organic crib mattress for your baby. Natural Healthy Bedroom offers organic baby mattresses. Read more about their benefits over conventional baby mattresses in this blog post.


From the early stages of childhood, infants can sleep 16 hours or more every single day as they develop their internal circadian rhythm. Long sleeping sessions, and their sensitive developing immune systems are just some of the most important reasons why an organic baby mattress is necessary for healthier sleep. To help you understand the health benefits of furnishing your child’s nursery with an organic mattress, we highlighted the major differences between organic crib mattresses and traditional mattresses. Natural Healthy Bedroom is committed to offering our customers the best non-toxic mattresses made with natural latex, organic cotton and wool for the healthiest night’s sleep.

Organic Baby Mattress vs. Regular Mattress
Organic Baby Mattress Materials and Manufacturing

The core of a natural baby mattress always begins with sourcing the best organic materials available. Some of the most widely used natural fibers from leading organic baby mattress manufacturers include high quality organic cottons, wool, and natural latex. The sourcing of natural materials is vital to producing the safest non-toxic sleeping environment for healthy childhood development. Below are some of the benefits of using organic materials that promote healthy sleep found in our mattresses for kids

Cotton: The breathability of organic cotton makes it a superior material to other fabrics as it naturally wicks away excess moisture and helps prevent the body from overheating even during the hot days of the summer. Organic cotton production standards prohibit the use of pesticides and other chemicals that can be transferred through your child’s breathing passages, skin, and through oral exposure. Most of the organic mattresses available from Natural Healthy Bedroom use cotton as top layer casings for their durable, yet soft and comfortable feel.

Wool: Another key material that is preferred by organic mattress manufacturers is organic wool. Product safety regulations require mattresses to include materials that are flame resistant to prevent instant combustion during fires. Organic wool allows natural kids mattresses to safely and effectively eliminate flame retardants and other chemicals by using wool as a healthier alternative. By using organic wool, exposure to toxic flame retardants is eliminated and it adds another layer of comfort to baby organic mattresses.

Latex: To provide full body support, natural latex derived from rubber trees adds a firmness and support without all of the added chemicals found in conventional mattresses. Natural latex has a springy texture and responds to pressure points along the body. This renewable material is incorporated into mattresses and pillows because of its breathability and limits the transfer of motion like other conventional mattresses available.

Natural Healthy Bedroom carries Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified products. These strict standards indicate that the materials used in bedding products and mattresses must contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers. To prevent exposure through sensitive baby skin, breathing passages and mouth, GOTS restricts the use of chemicals and dyes, and facilities must comply with environmental standards. Natural Healthy Bedroom carries GOTS certified mattresses from trusted brands like White Lotus Home, Savvy Rest, and Naturepedic.

Conventional Baby Mattress Materials and Manufacturing
Product safety regulations on non-organic baby mattresses do not limit the use of hazardous materials. Unlike the regulated harvesting of organic materials, the production of cotton, wool and latex found in conventional baby mattresses are often harvested using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Below are commonly used textiles that have the potential to cause a health hazard to your baby.

Cotton: The production of conventional cotton is filled with pesticides and insecticides that can linger on bedding products. The use of these chemicals poses a serious risk to human health caused by exposure in the production of cotton, and after products are manufactured.

Wool & Fire Retardants: The presence of Chemically-treated wool is another item to consider before purchasing non-organic mattresses. Since conventional mattress manufacturers are required to use fire resistant agents, the cheap alternative is to use toxic fire retardants to meet product regulation standards.

Should I buy an Organic Crib Mattress?
Providing your baby with a safer sleep environment can be achieved by purchasing organic crib mattresses from Natural Healthy Bedroom. Since our products are carefully chosen, you can rest assured that your baby’s sleeping surface is free of added toxic chemicals and other synthetic compounds. Organic crib mattresses are necessary to help your baby grow in the most natural environment possible. Natural Healthy Bedroom has over 20 years of experience sourcing the best natural products for families. If you have any questions about healthy mattresses for kids, email us at or give our friendly natural bedding experts a call at 800-932-7715.